08 December 2008

Mortensrud Kirke

I quite like the light that comes in this church (by Jan Olav Jensen and Børre Skodvin) as a result of the gaps in mortar... At least, I think that's how the light is coming in. And, if that's the case... what keeps the cold air/weather/bugs out?
Initially, the first two images reminded be of Studio Gang's Starlight Theatre, but when I looked up the built photos, I guess I was just remembering the model. Either way, the ambient light, simple forms, and exposed structure in this church are quite beautiful and I imagine it emits a lovely glow into the woods at night.


Anonymous said...

hi - thanks for drawing my attention to this - it's gorgeous!

if you got to http://jsa.no/download/church/drawings.html you can download drawings and see from those that the whole structure, up to the pitched roof, is englosed in an outer glass curtain wall/box. no bugs or cold!



Bridget said...

I can attest that this church is breathtaking in person. I visited it last year while studying abroad in Scandinavia (through the University of Washington's College of Architecture and Urban Planning). The light seeping in through the dry stone wall is reminiscient of the forest which surrounds the building, and there is an incredible sense of calm and sanctuary within. Whether or not one is religious, this is a spiritual place in the very best sense of the term.