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19 February 2013

2 By Peter Bristol

Everyone know that I love design with a sense of humor. These two pieces by Peter Bristol are just great...

20 November 2012

bench bench bench and a few more benches

After a discussion with a client today, I fell down the internet rabbit hole looking at cool benches online. Benches (and tables) are such an interesting form, as there is nothing so simple, yet done well they can be absolutely gorgeous. 

My personal favorite is the individu bench (third from the top), which can be modified per your individual needs.

15 April 2012

Bike Art

After my first bike ride of the spring, I was thinking about how beautiful bikes have become. Apparently, I'm not the only one who thinks so!

Designed by architect Joan Sandoval, this Barcelona bike shops has a minimal design (with enough room to test drive the bikes), letting the bikes themselves be the decoration.

Very nice.

05 March 2012

Studio Vision has brought me back

Anyone who follows this blog (is there anyone still out there?!?!) has probably noticed that it has been a while since I last posted...

Since my last post, I've merged practices with Henry Walters of Drome Design Studio to form atelier drome, llp. We're pretty excited about our merger and feel blessed to be busy! But, it has been too long since this blog has been active, so we're going to try and make an effort to reactivate the blog. This blog has meant a lot to me, a source of inspiration when I was working in jobs feeling less than inspired... a means of connecting to friends and new acquaintances across the globe... and now I hope to take this blog with me on a new journey with my new company.

Even though this post doesn't have any architectural photos... I can't think of a better product to summarize my aesthetic. When I first saw this bench (is that what you'd call it?) on shoebox dwelling, I actually gasped. I absolutely love the minimal design with the surprise inside.


20 June 2011


who says storage facilities can't be good looking?

A minimalist office for a minimalist architecture firm.

15 May 2011


This paint could be ridiculous and cheesy if implemented poorly, but could be a lot of fun if done right! I love the idea of an entire conference wall (or coffee shop) painted with whiteboard. Instead of having a cheesy office depot plastic whiteboard, the whole room is your canvas. And when someone inevitably uses the wrong type of marker, you can just repaint instead of chucking the board.




Delft Blue Soda Cans?

I can't remember where I found this... but I love the juxtaposition of traditional Delft blue china and a modern soda can.


If anyone has more information, I'd love to learn more.



05 May 2011


I have only started wearing a watch in the last year or so, but I am dying to replace it with this watch. Designed by Swedish firm Mutewatch, this thing is just gorgeous. I may actually get on the waiting list for when it comes out in July!

09 March 2011

London Design Festival 2010

TAF Architecture


Stuart Haygarth

Lightbulb Umbrella

Ineke Hans

Brian Steendyk

Bouroullec Brothers

A few years ago C and I went to Italy and timed the trip so that we could attend the biennale. It was really a fantastic, inspirational experience, and I think I'm ready for it again. It is too late for me to make it to London for the design festival, but maybe I'll make it next year!

22 February 2011

Vitra and Girard

This 'citizen office' designed by Vitra and Alexander Girard would be a lovely place to work. A variety of seating and workspace options have been provided, so that you can find the right space for your frame of mind and style of working.

16 February 2011

More by A2

I've featured Swedish designers A2 before... Ican't help it, I just love their use of minimal forms and bright colors. If only my house wasn't already chock-o-block full of furniture, I would happily add any of these pieces to my collection.