One Day Poem Pavilion

December 09, 2008

This gorgeous one day poem pavilion, designed by Jiyeon Song is really sweet. The poem is created by perforations in the shelter, which when penetrated by sunlight display a stanza of the poem. As the sun moves, the light filters through different perforations displaying the next stanza of the poem. Its a really elegant example of mathematics in design... and I really have an appreciate for it.... When I was in school, we had a project to create a sundial out of concrete. I built a small slab of concrete which hung off of one of the mullions in crown hall. It was intended to have a small hole for light to penetrate, in the hope that it would hit a particular cross in the floor. In actuality, it was much harder to get both figure out the exact angle of the sun and then build it to the correct specifications than a computer model would make you think. So, I'm really impressed by this pavilion!

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