22 May 2015

Micro-apartment in Berlin

It's easy to feel like a victim of sensory overload these days when our phones are constantly being bombarded with notifications and we spend the majority of our days staring at brightly lit screens, overexposed to colors and visually over-stimulating images. So sometimes, seeing a minimalist space, like this apartment in Berlin, exercising restraint in design, is just as interesting and compelling as a space with crazy, intricate details. We love the deliberate use of proportions to work with the small area of the apartment as well as space-saving solutions like a staircase that provides enough room for a bookcase if needed. See more of the project here.

15 May 2015

GN Apartment

This week, we've fallen completely in love with this stunning apartment in Brazil. The views, the art, and the antique furniture in the modern space are all spectacular. But it's probably just as well this apartment isn't ours because if it was, we might just never leave! Read more about the project here.

08 May 2015

Reduce, Reuse, RECLAIM

One of our favorite things is to find reclaimed furniture and use it in our modern spaces. As much as we appreciate a good, sturdy piece of mass produced furniture from a certain Swedish retailer, there's just something to be said about finding a vintage piece full of character and history. We especially love looking for fabulous lighting pieces, trim, or wooden doors. And even if there isn't a particular piece we fall in love with, shopping for reclaimed furniture is a huge source of inspiration for textures and tiles. Here's are just a few things Shannon found on her recent shopping expedition for one of our restaurant projects!

30 April 2015

Architecture for Dogs

Many people might wonder about the secret behind our award winning designs  and while we can't give away all the tricks of the trade, it might have to do with the fact our office is very dog friendly! Rex, Lucca, Pete, Bruin, and Zephyr have become the unofficial mascots of Atelier Drome so we couldn't have been more excited to discover this ingenious project by Kenya Hara. Designed specifically with the needs of dogs in mind, this project allows anyone to print out blueprints and build the structures themselves. We love how this project combines such fun and whimsical ideas with practical and accessible execution! See more of the designs here.

24 April 2015

Floor Plans from Popular Television Shows

Here at atelier drome, we're huge fans of everything from House of Cards to The League. When we're not geeking out over deep, exaggerated eaves or hand-crafting light fixtures, you can find us laughing to the point of tears from The Mindy Project. So we couldn't have been more delighted to see these awesome floor plans hand drawn by interior designer Iñaki Aliste Lizarralde. The architectural designs and interior decor revealed in Lizarralde's floor plans are a fun look into the lives of our favorite characters (as if we didn't already feel like Chandler and Joey were our best friends). Check out the rest here!

17 April 2015

Works in Progress

St. Louis Gateway Arch

Space Needle

Sydney Opera House

Eiffel Tower

Golden Gate Bridge

Tower Bridge

There's something intimate about seeing a project before it's completely finished. It almost feels like a well-kept secret for exclusive insiders. Here we gathered some of the most famous architectural sights, not in their usual state of completion, but under construction. While they may not be as polished as you might be used to seeing, we're in love with the rough beauty of seeing these projects in progress! See more buildings under construction here.

10 April 2015

An Interview for Philadelphia University

Michelle was recently interviewed by Philadelphia University as part of their Expert Interview program! She loved being able to discuss our firm's philosophy and inspiration for aspiring architects. Check out the interview here!

27 March 2015

Stairway to (community) Heaven

Oh.No.Sumo, a design collective in New Zealand designed this installation, called Stairway Cinema as part of an ongoing experiment on how architecture can engage with the community. In today's world where we're constantly connected yet separated by phones and other devices, Oh.No.Sumo sought to create a waiting area under the stairs that would connect a community both virtually and physically. To read more about this awesome project, visit their website here.

20 March 2015

Inside the Artists' Studio

Claude Monet

While there are many iconic works of art that have become widely recognized and immortalized over the years, the artist behind the work of art is usually harder to place. It is always interesting to catch of glimpse of the artist's process and their work spaces. It is an intimate look into the heart and soul that goes into a project, what might have inspired an artist, the environment they chose to be surrounded by. Here at Atelier Drome, we're lucky enough to have an open working space that encourages collaboration and growth among our team members while we work on our projects. Here's a collection of famous artists in their studios, creating masterpieces. To see more, click here.

Roy Lichtenstein
Alexander Calder
Jenny Saville
Pierre Mondrian
Lucian Freud
Gustav Klimt
Pablo Picasso