27 February 2015

The Dress

Unless you've been hiding under a rock, you've probably seen "The Dress" and you probably have your own opinion on what color it is. The debate on whether it is blue/black or white/gold has been tearing apart everything from friendships to marriages and even our office couldn't resist discussing optics and color theory because of this dress. Of course this dress isn't the only thing out there playing tricks on your eyes and your mind so we've rounded up some of the coolest architectural optical illusions for you to puzzle over, just in case the dress isn't frustrating enough.

Shadow Skylines
Nelson Mandela Columns
The Rachel Raymond House
Floating chairs
Australian Customs Service Building

19 February 2015

A Fresh Take on Cafes

Maybe it's our inner Seattleite showing through but we definitely have big ol' soft spots for cool and unique cafes. Of course we love the Seattle classics like Ballard Coffee Works and Cherry Street but how awesome is this Cafe and Bakery in Moscow by Crosby Studios? The bright green and abundance of plants are a lovely change from the usual salvaged wood and understated color palettes that are common in coffeeshops. The natural light makes this cafe seem like a perfect place whether you're catching up on work or with friends! See more on this project here.

12 February 2015

Country House in Quebec

We love how this beautiful project by NatureHumaine is in perfect harmony with its environment. The two stacked volumes gives the illusion that the house is floating above the rugged terrain, setting the house apart without disturbing its surroundings. The clean, sleek lines and neutral color palette utilized throughout the house tie the project together without being the least bit boring. How perfect would this house be for a weekend away with friends and family? To see more on this project, click here!

06 February 2015

Valentine's Day Guide

Valentine's Day is just about a week away and maybe you forgot, maybe you're not very romantic, or maybe you just need help but we imagine a few of you might currently be anxiety-ridden and clueless about where to celebrate. Worry not, because a few of our clients happen to be some of the best restaurants in Seattle!

At Bar Cotto, the bright materials create a simple but elegant atmosphere perfect for Valentine's Day. The custom built light fixtures bathe the restaurant with a romantic ambiance during the evenings.

Staple and Fancy in Ballard uses light strategically to envelope the restaurant with a warm glow that perfectly compliments everything on the delicious menu.

If you're looking for somewhere a little more casual, the muted colors and material palette of Ballard Pizza Company are perfect for you and your loved one!

La Bodega is the perfect lunch spot with its bright colors and flavorful sandwiches.

Looking for a fun Valentine's Day activity? Stop by Flatstick Pub for mini-golf as well as local beer from all over Washington.

Need more ideas? Visit our website to see other spaces we've designed and get inspired. Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

30 January 2015

The Right Side of the Bed

TGIF! While it's been an unusually warm and beautiful week here in Seattle, it hasn't made getting out of bed any easier. It would be a lie to say we're not looking forward to staying in bed all weekend (except during the Super Bowl, obviously!). Check out some of the bedrooms we've designed and see more on our website here!

22 January 2015

Orange you excited to work here?

We're only a few days away from finishing our co-working space with Orange Studios in Redmond and we couldn't be more proud of the work we've done. With custom cabinetry, colorful carpet tiling, and awesome graphics, we are able to have a ton of fun with the space and can't wait for the grand opening January 30th. Take a look at how the space came together from beginning to end. To check out more photos, make sure to visit our Facebook page!

13 January 2015

Guest House in Japan

Here at Atelier Drome, we're huge fans of traveling and between all of us we've been everywhere from France, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and Italy as well as India, and Japan. During our travels we've had the privilege of staying at a variety of places including youth hostels and hotels but this guest house in Koyasan by Alphaville Architects definitely caught our eye. The space is designed to provide both privacy and a sense of community, enriching the travel experience for guests. We can't help but feel the itch of the travel bug as we look at photos of this beautiful space. Read more about the project here!