16 April 2014

Two Projects by Inblum

These two projects by Lithuanian firm Inblum are both great examples of using vaulted attics spaces to your advantage. I really love the bar above, it manages to feel cozy and light filled... The addition of skylights keep the ceiling and walls from feeling two low, while also creating visual interest. The textures are just great.

This apartment (also with vaulted ceilings) uses its soaring height well - The open stair leads to a loft above, which provides some privacy from the main space while still maintaining the connection. One thing I really like about both spaces is that they value and highlight asymmetric vaults, rather than trying to create a perfect centered vault, which while spacious wouldn't feel quite as dynamic.

Love both these projects.

08 April 2014

how to bring unique character into your space

Nowadays it’s easy to step into a space for the first time and feel a strange sense of déjà vu. It seems like every other room is just a rearrangement of the same mass-produced furniture and art. Who can blame them? It’s so much easier and more economical to pick up a chair from Ikea even though you know your neighbor down the street has the exact same one. So how do we create a space that is uniquely our own?

When we designed Ballard Pizza Company, it was important that the space stood out from the rest of the pizza shops out there. The pizza is unlike any other pizza you’ll find in Seattle, so why should it look like all the other pizzerias?

While we custom designed and built our chairs and bar tables to bring Ballard Pizza Company its unique look, another way we created the distinctive character was by salvaging pieces from stores like Second Use in SoDo. It’s amazing how much history and character is added to a room by adding small details like this vintage doorknob.


The great salvaged pieces hanging on the walls of Ballard Pizza Company are reminiscent of the art gallery that used to occupy the space previously, making the space richer in history.

To incorporate charismatic pieces into your own home, check out Second Use’s online inventory. It is updated once a day so you’re bound to found items to fall in love with!

What are some of your favorite ways to display your personality in your space?

24 March 2014

Vote for Us for Best Architecture Blog

We have been nominated as Best Architecture Blogger in the 2014 JDR Industry Blogger Awards! Voting is now open until April 11. Please click the link below and vote for us today! 

28 February 2014


Check out this fun 'Archcine' line of posters from Federico Babina that highlights some iconic architecture from classic films.  The style is reminiscent of vintage movie posters and highlights some great modernist pieces as well as iconic fictional buildings such as the home from North by Northwest.  Which is your favorite?  Prints are available here.

25 February 2014

storage crate

Check out this really sweet multi-purpose storage solution devised for a studio loft apartment.  The face serves as an entertainment center and coat closet, while the interior hides generous storage and allows for a reading loft above.  We love how objects like this really blur the line between furniture and architecture, very cool!

20 January 2014

green edge house

The Green Edge House by ma-style architects Fujieda, Japan is really interesting in its use of a perimeter garden around the entire single-story house to play with the distinction between interior and exterior space.  The house is at once very insular and private with few views to the outside, yet maintains a feeling of openness from the landscaped perimeter that bring light into the space from above, turning the courtyard 'inside out' to give every room a relationship to this garden.  Read more about the project here

30 December 2013

g house

This week we are feeling inspired by the G House in Como, Italy by architect Lorenzo Guzzini.  It is a clean and simple renovation of an abandoned 19th century villa that uses texture to contrast the whitewashed existing stone and new interior brick walls that recreate the feeling of medieval villages from central Italy where the owner formerly lived.  The use of wood gives a needed warmth to the space, and the double height central atrium space washes the interior with light to highlight these rich textures.  Read more about the project here.