13 October 2014

Angdong Hospital Project | Rural Urban Framework

This hospital is located  in a rural village of Angdong in Hunan Province in China. The intention behind the design was to make this hospital a catalyst for sustainable modern healthcare in rural regions. 

It was a collaboration work with charity and government of Angdong village to introduce a hospital model for the community. Institutions such as schools and hospitals in China is usually walled off, and has no sense of "transparency" to the public. The architects have managed to introduce modern "public-friendly" perspective into a rural China. 

Lean more about this project more by clicking here.

03 October 2014

Making Modern

We love modern and minimalist, but its not always easy to find. Sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands and make things yourself. We are going to try and include a couple of blog posts to document the things we occasionally make here in the office. This week Shane Staley (who also operates a a high end furniture business during the wee hours of the night) created these Ash table and bar tops for a coffee shop that we are working on. Sometimes the only way to have something done right is to simply do it yourself, even if that means working through the night. Classic woodworking created these clean modern wood table tops.

29 September 2014

Vertical Accentuation: Rotsee Finish Line Tower | Andreas Fuhrimann Gabrielle Hächler Architekten

This wooden structure is located on Lake Rotsee, Switzerland to observe rowing contest. OSB and plywood are waterproofed and used as finishing for exterior and interior showing honesty in terms of materiality use. 

The structure is designed to harmoniously blend with the landscape, and a series of shutters are used to control the view of the race. When all the shutters are closed, the architecture becomes a windowless wooden object on the water. 

Tough, inexpensive materials are used, the overall architecture is well designed and each nail’s location are designed where to be inserted.

The wooden structure is supported by a concrete platform, which is anchored into the shoreline with pinewood to respect surroundings environmental conditions.

Check out this more about this rowing observatory tower here!

24 September 2014

The New Crematorium, The Woodland Cemetery | Johan Celsing Arkitektkontor

Architects design habitable spaces for better quality of life. But what about the dead? Do architects design spaces for the dead also? Absolutely. 

Deep topics such as life and death, lead a group of designers to create a new woodland crematorium in Stockholm, Sweden. When we think of crematorium, we instantly think of death. But let's not forget, death is part of life as well. To make sure that the soul of the dead is rested, certain human tradition takes place. 

The site is in dense forest area, so the motto of this project is "Stone in the Forest". Unfinished white concrete is used to show honesty and purity in the interior, and bricks are used on the exterior to relates to the earth. The light from the sky penetrates the inside spade, establishing a connection with the heavens. Click here to learn more about the details.

architectural photography

As anyone who has ever tried to capture that perfect shot knows, photographing architecture can often be more challenging than it seems.  In light of some recent updates to our website featuring new photos of a few recently completed projects, we thought it would be fun to share some useful photography pointers to keep in mind whether snapping photos on your next vacation or documenting a project of your own:

Lighting - Paying attention to the weather and time of day is crucial to taking advantage of the natural light in your photographs.  For example: strong sunlight on a clear afternoon can create shadow lines that highlight texture and patterns making for dramatic exterior shots, while cloud cover will diffuse light to create more soft, even tones that can be desirable when shooting interiors.   If you have a lot of contrast between the darkest and the lightest areas in your shot, try using lamps or interior lighting strategically to even out a dark area.  

Composition - Being deliberate when composing your images can make a big difference in the way your photographs convey their subject matter.  When taking wide shots to accurately portray a space or building, keeping the camera level will help maintain a parallel perspective that results in a more honest and experiential depiction.  If you are looking to capture the style and atmosphere of a place, try composing tighter vignettes and highlight key moments or details that convey these qualities.  

Creativity- Patience and creativity are valuable traits in photography, remember that you don't always need the best equipment or software to create great photos.  Experimenting in different lighting conditions can help you discover different approaches to the same shot and might reveal new aspects of a building that haven't caught your eye before.  Taking the time to try different things can often lead to pleasantly unexpected results.  

We hope you find these thoughts useful in your future photography endeavors,  please enjoy some teaser images below of a couple new projects to appear on our website soon.. stay tuned for lots of exciting updates in the near future!

20 September 2014

INSIDE! Atelier Drome Architecture | Park(ing) Day II

We had so much fun with our "mini golf" theme yesterday. Pedestrians were successfully engaged  with our installation. Here are some images to give you an idea of how it went (in case you missed it).

18 September 2014

Casa no Tempo | Aires Mateus + João and Andreia Rodrigues

"The intervention aimed to reclaim the natural beauty of the rural territory and landscape, avoiding a conventional approach by liberating the land," says the architects.

This beautiful house is situated in rural Portugal. It is designed to enhance the surrounding landscape and the historical heritage of the context. There are three steps taken into account to complete this architecture.

First step was to restore the house to maintain its integrity to respect its cultural heritage and highlight natural elements that are associated with the place.

The second step, to meet the client's need, was the introduction of the water element as a swimming pool that reminiscent of the beach topography. It is a square pool in the middle of the countryside. 

The third step was to create a garden that displays a pallet that stimulates our sensory by cultivating flowers, vegetables, and other relevant agricultural elements.

To learn more about this architecture, click here!

15 September 2014

INSIDE! Atelier Drome Architecture | Park(ing) Day I

Just like last year, we are participating in Park(ing) Day this year also. We are changing a parking spot into a "fun park" on September 19th from 9:00 am to 3:00 PM,  so don't forget check out this fantastic event. We have reserved two parking spots in front of our office to engage with the community and pedestrian. This is an invitation to every one so please come inside our office and say hi! We will love to to talk to you. 

Our address is 622 Western Ave. Seattle, WA 98105

09 September 2014

Louis I. Kahn from Aspen Conference, 1972

"Design demands that one understands the order. An architect can build a house and build a city in the same breath, if he only thinks about it as being a marvelous expressive inspired expressive realm." - Louis I. Kahn


Art Installation | Beach House by David Simpson

Where 6th street and Westlake Ave crosses, "Beach House" by David Simpson was gathering attention from pedestrians. It's an art installation of a cube, which includes a door and few windows. The exterior walls are made made of typical plywood and wood studs. Inside the cube is a structure consisting of wood sticks that are positioned on top of a layer of beach sand. The cube some how remind us of a house, but when we try to enter it or look through it, the internal material palette confronts us with a sense of being on a beach side. 

06 September 2014

INSIDE! Atelier Drome Architecture | Light Fixture

We design not only architecture, but also furniture and light fixtures are our specialties as well. For example, we are currently waiting for custom steel components to arrive for the new light fixture that we designed for ENG restaurant. It is basically 14 Edison light bulbs connected to various lengths of electric cables that are hung from an aged wooden beam. That wooden beam is going to be suspended from the ceiling by steel mounting rod. We cannot wait to see this piece of art hung and lit above the diners in the new dinning space.

- Sherif Sugiyama