28 August 2015

white balloons in covent garden

French artist Charles Pétillon unveiled his Heartbeat Installation at Covent Garden earlier this week and we fell in love right away. The latest in his Invasions series, Heartbeat is 100,000 white balloons that create a cluster above the lively and historic Covent Garden Market Building. The artist wanted to, "represent the Market Building as the beating heart of this area – connecting its past with the present day to allow visitors to re-examine its role at the heart of London's life." Click here to learn more about this installation!

21 August 2015

castles made of sand

Admittedly, Seattle isn't exactly well-known for its luxurious sandy beaches. But that didn't prevent us from trying to build sandcastles back in our day. So we know exactly how difficult it is to get a bucket of sand to release perfectly into a building block for our castles, making these incredible sand castles by Calvin Seibert all the more impressive. We can hardly believe these geometrically precise castles are actually made of sand. Maybe we should dust off our sand castle equipment before the summer ends and see what we can whip up! To see more of Seibert's amazing sand castle architecture, click here.

14 August 2015

functional sculpture

How cool is this cabinet design from artist Sebastian ErraZurziz? At first glance, it's just a minimalist cabinet but upon closer inspection, the object comes alive as a functional sculpture. We love how the flexibility does not compromise its performance as a cabinet. Read more about the project here!

07 August 2015

London Tower is Falling Down

This water tower, located in central London was completely transformed by the owners from a crumbling architectural remnant of the 19th century to a beautiful modern living space with unbeatable views. We're completely in love with the enormous windows and the rooftop terrace and would gladly take the gray of London to spend some time in this beautiful home. Read more about the project here!

31 July 2015

summer days, drifting away

It's Seafair Weekend here in Seattle and if you weren't already planning on spending time in the water, the scorching temperatures might change your mind. But if beaches and big crowds aren't your thing, how amazing would it be to have one of these modern pools in your back yard? We're definitely feeling serious pool envy. Check out more awesome modern designs here

24 July 2015

paper + cut

It's no secret we're fans of the mid-century modern style so it was only natural we fell in love with these mid-century modern collages by Lucy Williams. The attention to detail is absolutely incredible and we almost did a double take to make sure some of these weren't photographs! Click here to see more of her amazing work!

17 July 2015

One Ring to Rule them All

A cool concept we discovered this week is the Iron Ring. Apparently, Canadian-trained engineers receive a ring at the end of their training as a symbol of the responsibilities and ethics associated with their work. Conceptually, the ring is to serve as a reminder of the high standards engineers are held to but our question is... what do the architects get?

Maybe we should start our own tradition.

Anyway, we're very lucky to work with a great team of structural engineers so ring or no ring, we love working with you guys:

Brett and the crew at Swenson Say Faget
Mark Speidel and Victor Martinez at I.L. Gross

10 July 2015

Treehouses for Adults

Being the from the Pacific Northwest, we have a solid appreciation for nature and being outdoors. That's why we love these amazing designs found on Archilovers. These super cool designs are definitely inspiring for spending time outdoors during the summer and they are a far cry from what you'd expect from a backyard treehouse!

26 June 2015

Napkin Sketches

As you might expect from architects, we tend to be big fans of doodling. The NewSchool and San Diego American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS) took doodles one step further by collecting sketches from some of the most respected architects in the world for a fundraiser to provide scholarships and programs for architecture students. It's awesome to see something as simple as a sketch go toward furthering education! See more sketches here.

19 June 2015

Mirror Labyrinth NY

New York's Brooklyn Bridge Park is offering whimsical and interactive installations as part of an exhibition by Public Art Fund. This exhibit encourages viewers to touch, walk through, and engage with the art, allowing viewers to overcome the typical distance expected at venues like a museum. In addition to the Mirror Labyrinth featured above, the exhibition includes Appearing Rooms, a room enclosed by walls made of jets of water, and several unique park benches. Read more about the project here!

12 June 2015

Pull Some Strings

This week we're loving this installation by Atelier YokYok at St. Stephen's Cathedral in Cahors, southwest France. Called Les Voûtes Filantes, or The Shooting Vaults, this stunning installation was created by stretching blue string between different thin metal arch frames typical of Gothic architecture to echo the style of the cathedral. The strings merge into the shapes of the arches, creating beautiful tunnels that are a whimsical play on light and space. Read more about the project here!