Goodbye Michael Reese

December 18, 2008

I haven't lived in Chicago for 6 years now (wow, I can't believe its been that long already), so I'm not up on all the latest news... But, I was reading Lynn Becker's blog today and noticed that Michael Reese Hospital is on the verge of being razed. The hospital has been sold over and over again, and now is sitting nearly desolate on one of the projected sites for the Olympic Village. Obviously, its not a done deal that Chicago will get the Olympics, but either way, it looks like Michael Reese will be gone. Going to school at Illinois Tech just down the block (and being slightly accident prone), I spent more time at this hospital than I'd like to admit. And I used to go running past the hospital all the time... If you looked closely, you could see the past glory of the structures, just like so many other buildings in the area. Its sad to see another piece of Bronzeville's history being torn down.
More photos at Lee Bey

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