April 06, 2008

C & I made some definite progress this weekend on the house... We're still not moving along quite as fast as we'd like, but at least we're moving. During the week, we tore down the drywall (actually 1950s button board) on the wall separating the living room from the back side of the kitchen. Then this weekend we tore out the kitchen, including the kitchen sink, all the cabinets, the linoleum and plywood below. The demo is getting easier, as we're learning to work smarter not harder, but there is still a lot to do. The biggest problem is that since we're living amidst the construction/demo, and our house doesn't exactly leave room for us to be separated from the rubble, we spend a great deal of time prepping and cleaning. We're still a long way from being ready for the plumber, which I guess is a good thing since we haven't yet selected one...
I'm not exactly sure what we'll be working on next week, but it feels good to be finally making some forward motion on the house again.

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