Life Without TV

April 04, 2008

About 2 weeks ago, C & I decided that we were sick of giving comcast all of our money. When you start tallying up the costs for tv and internet you really start spending a decent percent of income on digital entertainment. On top of that, we had a subscription (albeit low level) to comcast, which really helped add up to a huge bill for tv/movies/internet. Combining our frustration over the bill with the fact that there is never anything on tv (and yet we always get suckered into watching terrible television) and we had a situation that just didn't make any sense. There are very few television shows that we actually want to follow on a weekly basis, and nearly all of those are available free on the internet.... so we decided to get rid of tv and change our internet over to a cheaper provider, and then we increased our netflix so that we could have a few more movies a week. In the end, we managed to save about $60/month as well a bit of our brains (hopefully!). We were a little worried that we'd be bored without tv, but actually we both feel very relieved and free! No need to worry about what's on tv anymore... we can just get to work on our house, tearing down walls, and only watching the things that we really are interested in! So, I guess the moral of the story is... If you've ever thought about getting rid of your tv, do it! There is so much time available once tv has been taken out of the equation!
But, I guess I should probably wait a few more months before I get too preachy! Who knows if we'll be able to handle it forever!

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