It shouldn't be so funny....

February 18, 2008

But, I just love Sarah Wigglesworth's name. It sound more like a character from a children's book, than a world renown architect...

A lot of architects are getting into modular and flat pack building, but one of the things I like most about G-box, is that it can be assembled by only two people! That really makes it the perfect studio addition to a back yard or garden....

Sarah Wigglesworth's Cor-ten clad Cremorne Center seems just at home at the edge of the River Thames, as did the two shipping containers that previsouly housed the facilities. I quite like that the firm kept the industrial nature of the site intact, while adding some sophistacted and softening features such as the light poles and subtly shaped building structures. In fact, I'm a bit sad that this project is in the UK, and not Seattle... it would be perfectly placed along Seattle's shores.

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