Walk On Water

January 18, 2008

When you first look at these images, its almost as if they've been photoshopped to show different people standing in the middle of the lake. And that's obviously the idea...
I love this installation by Sung Jang and Shin Azumi. It was intended an alternative playground for the Vitra Workshop in Boisbuchet, France. Visitors could wander out to the middle of the lake and commune with nature without the burden of man-made interferences like boats or aircraft. While the clear underwater platform allows you to walk out on top of the water, granting you the illusion of walking on the surface of the water, its still just an illusion and you are obviously using a man-made device. Still, these photos create such marvelous imagery, that its hard not to believe in the concept. I can only imagine that visiting the lake was even more impressive.

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