Casa X5

March 30, 2010

Anyone who reads this blog regularly will know that I love minimal design... and I love clean simple lines. The big criticism that most people have about minimal architecture is that it is impossible to live in... I've never agreed. In fact, I think that minimal design can actually be easier to live in and certainly easier to clean. When everything has a place, you never have to wonder where to put things. I think the big problem is that architects tend to photograph their minimal designs while they are still completely empty. Or, they might add a Corbu chaise lounge as sculpture. Honestly, I prefer seeing the photos of homes with all the typical objects you would find in a house, like this one. Check out that little girl's room! I don't think it distracts from the architecture at all... in fact, it lets me see exactly how the building is used, which is what architecture is truly about after all.
Beyond the photographs... the lighting in this particular project is really nice. I like the way the architects have used lighting to delineate space, whether at the tops of walls or along lengths of the ceiling.
I'm looking forward to checking out more designs by the architects, MZC Architettura.

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