Not Afraid of Color or Pattern

April 27, 2009

The interiors of this apartment by Tham & Videgard Hansson Arkitekter sure are really bright and lively! The herringbone pattern is carried throughout the rooms and up the wainscot on the walls, which give a dynamic energy to the apartment. The variety of colors is wild, with colors relating to the rooms while bleeding beyond the typical boundaries of the individual spaces. The open doorways and bleeding colors draw your eye (and energy) beyond the room you are occupying into the rooms beyond. The architects were also lucky enough to select the furniture, too. They selected (and designed) some really spectacular pieces of modern furniture, sticking to an all white palette of furniture in order to not compete with the flooring and walls. You can see some of the furniture in a few photos... Still, I'd love to see photos of the home once its being occupied. I can imagine that children would really love this place!
Via Stylepark (and a friend!) - Also, check out the architects' website. I love the format of their about section!

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