Will the Dutch be able to Save New Orleans?

November 11, 2008

This is an old story, so please bear with me...
The Dutch have mastered water management as much, or really more, than virtually any other culture on the planet. So, its not surprising that they offered their expertise to the city of New Orleans, following the catastrophe that was Hurricane Katrina. Of course, the brilliant minds at the Army Corps of Engineers basically ignored their suggestions... so it is really spectacular that the APA was recently able to get many Dutch engineers, planners, and architects back to New Orleans for Dutch Dialogs II, a water management symposium. Rather than fight the water, the Dutch are looking for ways to live with it... ideas such as lowering a golf course so that it becomes a pond during flood times.
Katrina and the state of New Orleans was sadly ignored by the presidential candidates this year, and is largely ignored by the rest of the country. But lucky for us all, the Dutch aren't ignoring the city... Hopefully bureaucracy will be smart enough to listen.

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