Agrotourism and Architecture

September 03, 2008

This design of an observation deck in Pinohuacho Chile is remarkable not only for its simple and lovely design... but also for the story behind the design. The region has been shaped by years of timid recovery after a 1971 volcanic eruption. With the land losing its value, villagers have been forced to move to the city. Not wanting to lose his way of life, Miguel Vázquez talks to his father about the possibility of agrotourism, where the land will be carefully cultivated to be enjoyed by villagers and visitors alike. The whole family has begun to take part, as well as the rest of the village. Their intent is to create a landscape that embraces the natural environment, therefore the architectural designs need to reflect the surrounding countryside, as well as the traditional sustainable building materials and methods. Its really a lovely project, with a lovely story...

For more information see Arch Daily and the architect's blog (Rodrigo Sheward Giordano)

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