10 June 2008

Hiding Cables

Its a reality in the modern design world that we have to deal with an ever increasing amount of cables and wires... that is, until they come up with wireless electricity! The big problem with a lot of new technological advances, is that they are changing so fast, that we don't really know exactly what we'll need in the future. For this reason, it can be difficult to plan ahead with wire placement... if you locate all the wiring behind the finishes, you'll have to cut it out if you ever need to change it. But, on the other hand, if you leave them exposed, you've got a big mess. C and I are having this exact problem right now with our remodel. We've got a projector whose cables we'd like to hide... but not knowing if we'll have the projector forever, or if the next version will need the same cables, we're hesitant to put the cables in the wall. British architects Quinn provided a design for digital agency Poke, that celebrates the cables and makes them a central design feature, rather than try and hide them. I kind of like it... I'm not sure if it would work on a smaller scale, but I like the thought.

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anonyma said...

it really is a good idea, to play with those elements, before taking a look at this i've always thought about exposing wiring or at least using conduit pipelines in a way it can be part of the whole design idea, but this is far beyond the mix of hiding and exposing them, thanks ofr the snapshot.