Linear Landscapes

December 02, 2007

Wong Residence, Hillsborough, CA

Gladstone Institutes, San Francisco, CA

Walden Road Studios, Geyserville, Ca

Ward Residence. Palo Alto, CA

Stone Edge Observatory and Spa, Sonoma, Ca

I think that these landscape designs by Andrea Cochran Landscape are fantastic. Not only do the landscapes have an architectural quality to the design, but they are seamlessly integrated into the architecture. Its difficult to imagine the buildings without the landscape, or the landscapes without structures. This in my opinion, is the mark of a great landscape design. Rather than compete with the architecture, it should enhance and communicate the overall design intent.
Andrea Cochran's office has been published quite frequently... and its easy to see why. The designs by this California office are crisp and clean, while still providing the organic qualities desired in a landscape.
I've been starting to plan the landscape design for our house... and I think I will be looking towards Andrea Cochran's office for inspiration.

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