Isn't Civilization Beautiful?

December 11, 2007

These images of a proposed Museum of Mediterranean Civilizations in Marseilles by Rudy Ricciotti are really speaking to me. But, they leave me wishing there was more information about the project, and perhaps some plans. Its hard to get a scale of the project against the city backdrop, but I can imagine that the design is for a huge structure. Comparing the far away images of a lacy structure to the single interior shot make it seem as though this is an absolutely enormous proposal. Still, if there was some evidence of human scale it would be easier to judge... not to mention it would be great to see how the interior is intended to be used as a museum.
Rudy Ricciotti Architecte's entire website is filled with beautiful imagery and architectural designs. Unfortunately, none of the projects offers information beyond the photos and renderings. Still... the work is lovely and inspiring and definitely worth checking out.

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