What would Robin Hood Think?

August 04, 2007

I'm not entirely impressed with the form of the Sherwood Visitor Center as designed by Make Architects (personally, I'd like to see a building with a greater sense of permanence, rather than one that could easily be a temporary art installation)... but, I do really like the ideas behind the form.

Designed as a gateway to the fabled forest, the structure is intended to provide an iconic entry to the rest of the forest, including observation decks, and a tree top restaurant and walkways. The most impressive part of this design is that it manages a zero carbon footprint using local materials and the incorporation of wind power, rain water collection, and waste recycling systems.

I think that Robin Hood would approve of a design that manages to give back to the community without taking from the Earth. Its really no wonder that Make Architects beat out the competition with this entry.

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