Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain

July 31, 2007

Or perhaps we should be paying attention to that man...

Cecil Balmond, deputy chairman of Ove Arup, has long been the go to engineer for architectural big wigs like Koolhaas, Libeskind, Johnson, Siza, and more... Without an engineer with an unbelievably creative mind like Balmond's, some of our favorite structures would not be possible. His cooperative designs with Koolhaas have been particularly successful, including the Kunsthal, Seattle Library, and Bordeaux home.

Balmond is now coming into his own, not just as an engineer, but as an architectural thinker and designer. The Battersea Building (upper right) is a recent design by Balmond, that I'd be very interested in seeing...

Via Josegenao

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