Undulating Plans

June 22, 2007

Aqua Tower
Aqua Tower Plan (above) - Mulhouse-Zac Plan (below)

Checking out Architecture.mnp I saw the above images for the Mulhouse-Zac multi-use project and was immediately reminded of the Aqua Tower by Studio Gang. Sure, the end results are very different, but the use of rectilinear plans with various undulating balcony structures is very similar. The amorphous forms allow the architects to work within a simple modular plan, but still add some pizazz to the exterior skin. While both are interesting projects (with the tower being a very unique addition to the Chicago skyline), I must admit that I prefer the undulating balconies of the Mulhouse-Zac, mostly because I think its a more effective scale for such moves. Still, since the design of the Aqua has been out for some time, I have to wonder if the Mulhouse-Zac by ECDM was influenced by the Tower...

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