28 June 2007

Fabulous Folding Facade

A friend sent me a link to this project by BEHF Architeckten... Even thought I'm not generally a fan of mirrored glass, you've got to love the folding element of this project. An interesting element, is that I don't think that the glass is actually mirrored, but the dark sky background helps to create a mirror when the curtains are open at night. The architect's objective was to create an atmosphere full of energy and drama and they've obviously succeeded! As usual, I love the interplay between the older existing facades, and the new technical one. Still, I'd be interested in checking out the restaurant front when all of the glass curtains (a new take on a glass curtain wall, for sure!) are closed. I wonder if the glass wall allows you to peek into the restaurant, or if it acts as a mirror reflecting the city street. If you're in Vienna, be sure to check out Fabios Restaurant and let me know what you think!


michelle said...

Wow, how cool, I love the interplay between new and modern and older tradition, so interesting, It is like you step through the modern gateway into the nourishment of food, I wish I could like in Vienna, those people understand every day beauty and drama. Thanks for this great post!

Michelle Linden said...

Seriously... the interplay between old and new really appeals to me, and I'm glad you like it, too. I was only in Vienna for a day a few years ago, but I remember how many designs I saw similar to this... where a fabulous modern facade was integrated into a classical front. I just love it... and now I want to go back and spend some real time in Vienna!

Anonymous said...

Have a DYNAMITE day my friend!